Charter Award Ceremony 2013 in the European Parliament, Brussels (B)

European Charter for Sustainable Tourism: renewal and retraining

International Academy for Nature Conservation Isle of Vilm, Germany

Posted: 11th March 2014

April 1st- April 4th


Due to the kind support of the  German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (Bundesamt für Naturschutz), EUROPARC is organising a get together meeting at the Island of Vilm to discuss EUROPARC’s biggest programme, the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism.


Following the BfN funded project that ended in 2012,  European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in protected areas (Charter): The value of the “Charter” in identifying sustainable tourism destinations, this follow up meeting will collect further inputs from all active players in the Charter, including EUROPARC, Sustainable Tourism Working Group, Charter Protected areas, verifiers and possibly business representative.


The aim of the three – full - day interactive workshop is to ensure that the new principles and process of the Charter as defined in the previous BfN Charter project are adequately explained and elaborated with verifiers.


As such, the workshop will be split into two sections. One for EURPARC and the working group to prepare and produce materials and to examine relationships with other international valuation systems and days set aside for verifiers training.

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