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Marine Protected Area Torre del Cerrano - The first Marine Charter Park in Europe

Posted: 04th November 2014

This summer 18 Charter verifications were carried out by 10 verifiers in six countries across Europe. One of the parks to be verified was the Italian Marine Protected Area Torre del Cerrano. What is peculiar for this specific protected area is that it is Europe’s first Marine Charter Park to be verified for the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas (ECST).

Giacomo Benelli has been conducting the verification visit in the protected area and in this article, that EUROPARC Consulting kindly shared with us, he gives a bigger picture of the Charter in Italy, the role that slowly marine protected areas are winning there and of course get us to better know the Marine Protected Area Torre del Cerrano he had the chance to verify in the Abruzzo Region.

Please read more about the interesting interview to Giacomo here!

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