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The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas is a practical management tool for ensuring that tourism contributes to a balanced economic, social and environmental development of protected areas in Europe. The Charter is a voluntary agreement and aims to encourage good practice by recognising protected areas, which are meeting agreed requirements for the sustainable development and management of tourism.

The Charter and its methodology were developed by a group representing protected areas, the tourism industry and their partners, led by the Federation of Regional Nature Parks in France under the umbrella of the EUROPARC Federation.

The Charter and the Charter Network is managed by the EUROPARC Federation, a pan-European and non-governmental umbrella organisation of protected areas in Europe.


Latest news

  • European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas: renewal and retraining

Due to the kind support of the  German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (Bundesamt für Naturschutz), EUROPARC is organising a get together meeting at the Island of Vilm to discuss EUROPARC’s biggest programme, the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism. Read more here

  • Report of the EUROPARC 8th Charter Network Meeting and Charter Awards 2013

The report of the event that took place the last 6th of November in Bruxelles is now available here. Have a look at this interesting report showing the goal achieved during the event and celebrating the new awarded Charter Parks and those who continued successfully the Charter journey.

  • Workshop on the Charter Part II

Save the date! On the 24th and 25th of February  2014 Federparchi organises in Rome a training event on the Charter Part II of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas - ECST. The meeting is directed to the Italian protected areas selected for the Pilot Actions of the Project MEET and is open to all protected areas ECST and their local business partners.

The objective of the event is to provide to the protected areas the technical information necessary to the start of the Charter Part II in their territory.
Will take part to the seminar, Mr. Josep Maria Prats Santaflorentina , ECST verifier and member of the Evaluation Committee, Mrs. Maria Carmela Giarratano of the Italian Ministry of the Environment and Mr. Sammuri, president of Federparchi.

The main objective of the “MEET- Mediterranean Experience of Eco-Tourism" project is to develop an integrated strategy to promote a model of eco- tourism for protected areas in the Mediterranean  (inspired by the approach of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in protected Areas ) and the creation of a network of protected areas in the Mediterranean. MEET partners are: Federparchi (coordinator, Italy) , the Lazio Region ( Italy ) , the Association of National Parks of France (France) , the Network of Marine Protected Areas MEDPAN (France) , the region of Cataluña (Spain) , the office IUCN Med ( Spain) , the Egyptian Environmental Agency (Egypt) , the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature ( Jordan) and the National Park of the Cedars " Al- Shouf " (Lebanon). More details about the event and the full programme are available here.

  • Two new reports on Sustainable Tourism are out!

Read here to learn more about the two new reports "Sustainable Tourism Report " and "Sustainable Tourism in a Nutshell" showing the importance and the progresses made in the direction of a green, responsible, ethical and sustainable tourism. Published by, the Totem Tourism the essential guide to global sustainable travel.


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