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European CharterNet


Strengthening and further development of the European Charter and the Charter Network is the aim of the EUROPARC project “European CharterNet”. The project seeks to take up the potential of the Charter Network through specific activities and communication methods and achieve added-value for the European Network.

The “European CharterNet” started in July 2007 with the support of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) with funds from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety . It will run for a two years until July 2009. The coordinating body of the project is the EUROPARC Federation with Richard Blackman as project leader and Petra Dippold as project coordinator.

Project Working Group

In order to oversee and drive the project a project working group was set up with representatives from the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, the Charter Evaluation Committee, Charter verifiers, representatives from the Charter protected areas and external experts.

Participants of the working group (as in June 2009)

The project working group met five times in the course of the project, in Bonn (D), Stuttgart (D), Italy (I), Brussels (BE) and Pezinok (SK).


The project consists of three areas of activity that are “International Importance of the Charter”, “Partnership & Network Building” and “Marketing and Communication” each of them including a number of activities.


International Importance of the Charter

The connection of the Charter to national and international programmes in the area of nature conservation and tourism were highlighted.

European Charter - CBD Guidelines on Biodiversity and Tourism Development

A particular focus lay in demonstrating the Charter’s suitability as instrument for implementing the international Guidelines on Biodiversity and Tourism Development established in the framework of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). The result were published in the brochure "Joining Forces".


From 27-30 May EUROPARC Federation was presenting the European Charter at the Plaza of Diversity, that was held  parallel to High-Level-Segment of the 9th Conference of the Parties to the CBD. Furthermore, the European Charter and the brochure were presented at the BfN-Forum on Tourism and Biodiversity together with Stefan Fredlmeier, Frankenwald Tourism Service (D) and Josep Maria Prats, Zona Volcanica de la Garrotxa Nature Park (E).

Information Seminar in Brussel

Over 60 participants followed the invitation from the EUROPARC Federation to an Information Seminar on the European Charter on the 9th of December in the representation of the Euro region Alpes Méditerranée in Brussels. 58 protected areas from seven countries across Europe are committed to sustainable tourism – says the EUROPARC Federation to an audience of representatives from the EU Commission, regions of Europe and other organisations. The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism was promoted in Brussels as a model and tool to sustain rural areas through these changing and challenging times.


Partnerships & Network Building

Interest for new protected areas to join the Charter and fulfil its principles were stimulated so that the principles of a sustainable tourism development will be applied practically in an increasing number of areas. In particular, the enlargement of the Charter Network to central and eastern European countries was important. This was promoted through two Charter partnerships and incorporating study visits.

  • Charter Partnership I: Harz National Park (D) - Muránska Planina National Park (SK)
  • Charter Partnership II: Alpi Marittime Nature Park (I) - Apuseni Nature Park (RO)

In addition to the Charter Partnerships, an information seminar on the European Charter was held in Pezinok, Slovakia with 30 participants from eight central and eastern European countries.

  • Charter Network Meetings

The existing network was strengthened through regular opportunities for network meetings. Please find out more about the Charter Network's activities on our website.

  • EUROPARC Conference 2007/2008/2009 and Charter Side-Meetings


Marketing & Communication

The visibility of the Charter to decision makers, protected areas and their partners was enhanced through different project activities. In the framework of the European CharterNet project communication materials (leaflets, exhibition stands, internet and newsletter) were developed:

  • Reisepavillon 2008/2009

With the aim of presenting the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism to a wider expert public and trade visitors, the EUROPARC Federation participated in the alternative travel market "Reisepavillon" in 2008 and 2009.


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