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Networking, sharing experience and knowledge is one of the main aims of the European Charter of Sustainable Tourism. Regular networking meetings are held on a European and through the EUROPARC Sections on a national level.

Charter Network Meeting 2015

From 4th - 7th May, over 80 people gathered in Vila Nova da Cerveira, northern Portugal, to think "Sustainable Tourism as in opportunity for future". Through key no speeches and practical workshops, the participants have looked at new ways forward in the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas, and how it can contribute to a resource-efficient, green and competitive, low-carbon and climate resilient economy. 



Charter Network Meeting 2011

From 28th June – 1st July 2011 over 200 protected area practitioners met from 21 countries to listen to speeches, attend workshops and network on the topic of sustainable tourism. The conference ‘Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas. Building bridges - Seeking Solutions’ took place in Donji Milanovac in Djerdap National Park, Serbia, who was the official hosts of the event.

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A report on the event can be found here

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Charter Network Meeting 2009

This year's Charter Network Meeting took place in Capileira, a village located in the Alpujarra mountains, part of the Sierra Nevada Natural Area. Over 140 participants followed the invitation and spent four intensive days in Spain.

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Charter Network Meeting 2008

For the first time the Charter Network Meeting was hosted by a transfrontier partnership of the Mercantour National Park in France and the Alpi Marittime Nature Park in Italy.

Final report

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Charter Network Meeting 2007

The Cairngorms National Park in Scotland, UK, invited the Charter Network to the area for the 4th Charter Network Meeting.


Charter Network Meeting 2006

Final report

Five year of experience, review and future perspective was the topic of the Charter Network Meeting, that was held in Strasbourg, France.


Charter Network Meeting 2005

Final report

Parallel to the Reisepavillon in Hannover, the participants of the Charter Network came together for their second meeting.


Charter Network Meeting 2003

Final report

The first Charter Network Meeting focused on the development of the Charter and how to improve it as well as on a number of areas of interest to the parks - working with local stakeholders particularly local businesses, visitor management and using the Charter as a communication (and management) tool.

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